October 18, 2018

January 15, 2018

black and white

possessing no hue

black and white

page of music

black and white

not much without each other

not the notes but the way we connect them

and silences, of course

Someone special to me once volunteered to alphabetize all the crayons in my mega box. Guess what? They don’t end up grouped by family color. They end up in a rainbow in the middle of an already rainbow box of crayons.

at first, what??????

Where are my graded, shaded, ombre colors that make me so comfortable in their sameness?


Now I’ve started a practice while dog walking (hm….not a flute practice but I like it, I like it….)

I pay close attention to my surroundings when I’m out walking Mrs. Dog
I have to
I’m a woman

I’ve always made eye contact with people and spoken a greeting, but now I really look into their eyes
My canvas, their markings

I look for their joy, their shyness, their stuff

I see them

And they see me
If they are looking

When I look into the eyes of some of my idols (Joy Reid, I ‘m talking to you), I see a bright flame of determination, intelligence, but I also see shock and horror and the hurt that comes from the bully’s disgusting behavior.

I don’t see my neatly organized crayons when I look at people

I see the rainbow in the rainbow

I see US

In black, white and all things in between