May 22, 2018
Through mutual friends and colleagues, Marianne Gedigian was described to me as awesome, energetic, dynamic, creative, and fearless. After interviewing her, I would add to that list: artistic, articulate, and inspiring.
The New York Flute Club
Wendy Stern
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Principal flutist Marianne Gedigian caused me to sit up and marvel at another passage of great beauty.
Classical Voice of North Carolina
Boston Globe
The News-Press
Fort Myers
As haunting as it is beautiful, flutist Marianne Gedigian beings a magical sense of line...expertly done.
Colin Clarke
Throughout the album, I reveled in the beautiful sound, intonation, interpretation, control, and technical skill of Gedigian...
The Flute View
Barbara Siesel
Marianne Gedigian is a stunning artist who proves—quite contrary to my assumption—that the high C on the instrument can be played in a true pianissimo. Her tone is simply as beautiful as flute playing gets, and the same can be said about her shaping of the musical lines.
David DeBoor
Marianne Gedigian is magnificently hypnotic
Peter J. Rabinowitz